Building better.

Designing together.

Matthew Piner, Pinerworks Architecture

The better way of designing your next home remodel & construction.

Hire better

Find, contract, and pay for professional custom design services.

Design better

Collaborate with architects, engineers, and consultants on your custom home project.

Build better

Streamline workflow to keep your project on budget and on schedule.

How rehome Works



Fill out questionnaires to help define your project narrative and understand your goals, budget, and personal preferences. Get bids, or request quotes from your favorite designers.



Every project gets a dedicated architect.

They’ll work with you to refine your project details, guide you through design, and help you hire the perfect team.



The same person will help you through the entire process. That means your architect will manage your project through permit acquisition, and construction.

Transforming the design to build process —

making residential architecture more efficient, accessible, and affordable

All the elements of a full-service design agency under one roof, err… website.

Collaborative systems for successful projects, every time.


Rehome makes it easy to hire certified building design pros that work to get plans and permits for your next home remodel and construction.

When do you need an engineer?

A Guide To Hiring an Architect

Designing Online

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